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Fulfillment Task Details & Activity Feed


Fulfillment Tasks help fulfillment users to quickly view an employee's enrollment information that needs to be submitted to benefits carrier(s).  To access the task details, simply click on one of the open/closed tasks in your dashboard.  A modal will open on the page, and you will be able to view the related enrollment details for your employee(s).

Task Detail/Activity Feed Fields & Definitions

Event Details

  • Effective Date - The effective date in an employee specific fulfillment task will align with the employee's enrollment effective date.  A group task effective date will align with the enrollment event date for your company (e.g., if you process Open Enrollment for 2-1-202X  the effective date for the group task will be 2-1-202X.  
  • Event Type - Event type reflects the type of enrollment you are submitting on behalf of the employee/group: New hire enrollments, qualifying life events, move to full-time, open enrollment, terminations, et al.
  • Affected Enrollments - Provides a list of the lines of coverage the specific task aligns with.  If you have the same carrier for medical, dental, vision, and life coverage, Zenefits will generate a single task for all those lines of coverage.

Employee Forms

  • Send Forms - The send forms feature allows users to create and send emails directly from the Zenefits product so as to allow users to quickly and easily submit enrollment information to carriers.  Note: As a best practice, it is recommended that users always cc themselves when using this feature so they can maintain a copy of their correspondence with benefits carriers.
  • View/edit Forms - Fulfillment users are able to view & edit forms by clicking the title of the attached enrollment form or by clicking the "pencil" icon to the right of the form name.  The intention of this functionality is to allow users to update basic information that could be missing when an employee completes their elections (i.e. group policy number).  If election information needs to change, employee should make those changes directly in the product or via paper form (if changes are submitted via paper form, ensure you update the employee's enrollment information in Zenefits or costs will be wrong).
  • Errors - Any missing data fields will prompt an error to populate within the task details page.  The most common form error is a missing group policy number.
  • Downloading forms - Fulfillment users can download the enrollment form by clicking the download button to the right of the form name.

Proof of Submission

  • File Upload - Fulfillment users can add attachments in to their tasks as they submit enrollment information to carriers.  As you submit enrollment information to carriers, you can upload screenshots of the carrier portal or downloads of email threads to reference later, as needed.

Employee Details

  • Personal Details - Basic demographic details that a broker/group need in order to submit enrollment information to a carrier.  If you use a carrier that Zenefits supports with Form Automation, Zenefits will map these details into the enrollment form.
  • Employment Details - Basic employment information such as hire date, salary, and job title.
  • Enrollment Details - Basic enrollment information such as lines of coverage, plan names, and enrolled dependents.  

Activity Feed

  • Comments - Fulfillment users are able to add comments / notes into a specific task so that you can annotate any special circumstances, information, or details while processing enrollment data with carriers.  Note: @ commenting does not generate any email notification.
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