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Leave of Absence & Benefits

Note: You must first have set up a leave policy and put someone on leave. If you aren't using Zenefits Leave of Absence tool, these instructions will not apply.

Only company administrators and benefits administrators can terminate a worker's coverage and offer COBRA when the employee goes on a leave of absence. Broker partners do not have the ability to terminate coverage and offer COBRA.

  1. First, find the worker in the Benefits Administration app in the Employees tab. 
    employees tab benadmin app
  2. You will see a Leave of Absence button if your worker:
    - is currently on leave
    - has ended a leave within the last 30 days
    - has a scheduled leave within the next 30 days
  3. Click on the button and click Terminate Coverage to start the coverage termination process.
    term coverage benadmin app
  4. In the following flow, select the leave termination type.
    term types benadmin app
    Placing on leave — Select this option if the worker will not be paying their premiums while on leave. If selecting this option, next enter the last day worked before the leave start date.
    Unpaid premiums — Select this option if the worker has been on leave and later stopped paying their premiums. If selecting this option, next enter the “paid-through date.” This is the last day that the worker will have paid for coverage, usually the last day of the month.
  5. Next, select the lines of coverage that should be terminated.
    coverage types termination benadmin app
  6. If any of the terminated lines of coverage qualify for COBRA and you have set up COBRA administration set up with Zenefits, you will have the option of administering COBRA for the worker’s applicable coverage.
  7. If you leave the box unchecked, you will be responsible for any associated COBRA administration.
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