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Zenefits Accounts & Settings


How to check if you have a Zenefits account


In order to determine if you have a Zenefits account, please click this link and select I'm not sure if I have a Zenefits account. Enter the requested information and we'll try to find your account. If you don't think you have an account,  contact your company's HR representative for further information.


How do I change my work email address?



How do I change or reset my Zenefits account password?



How to log out of Zenefits



How can I log in to Zenefits if I forgot my login email?



I can't log in



Why is my name different in the company org chart?



How to look up my login email



What's a Zenefits ID?



What's a Support ID?



Are there notifications for address changes?



Customer Care


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