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Learn More About Offer Letters & Agreements

By onboarding through Zenefits, new hires can electronically sign their offer letter and other company agreements directly from the Zenefits dashboard.

If both an offer letter and one or more agreement are sent to a new hire, the offer letter will be received first.

Are the sample employment documents in Zenefits valid legal documents?

The samples we provide for employment documents, such as offer letters or IP assignment agreements, are for informational purposes only and are not legal or other profession... Learn more

How do I sign documents in Zenefits?

To sign a document electronically through Zenefits, click on the link labeled Click to pop-up signature box. Then, use the cursor to "write" your signature in the pop-up signatu... Learn more

How do I view my signed documents in Zenefits?

Copies of documents signed through Zenefits (offer letters, agreements, etc.) are automatically saved to your Documents. To view these documents: Access Signed Documents ... Learn more

What if there's inaccurate information in my offer letter or employment agreement?

For questions regarding an offer letter or employment agreement, you should reach out to the hiring manager at the company. Administrators who need to change information in... Learn more

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