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Leave of Absence & Payroll

Zenefits Payroll

If you use Zenefits Payroll, any workers marked as being On Leave using the Leave of Absence tool, will be highlighted for you in pay runs. If you’ll be paying workers while they’re out on leave, you can use the following instructions to assist you while editing and approving runs.


  1. Open the Payroll app and go to the Pay Runs tab.
  2. Click on a draft run.
  3. If any of the people included in the run are on leave, they’ll be marked with an “On Leave” badge.
  4. You can edit their earnings, deductions, and contributions as usual.


Other Payroll Providers

If you do not use Zenefits Payroll, everything will need to be manually executed in your payroll provider's system. You can access Leave of Absence data in the reports section of the Time Off app.  All Leave of Absence data will be available in the pre-existing Time Off reports.  

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