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Managing Form 1099 in Zenefits Payroll

If you pay your independent contractors through Zenefits Payroll, you can opt in to Zenefits generating the 1099  for them by taking these steps. Note that you can only add information and opt into the filing during filing season. The rest of the year, the page will be read only. If you are a Zenefits Payroll user, you'll receive communication once the opt-in period begins.

  1. Log in to your Zenefits admin account.
  2. Open the Payroll app.
  3. Click on the People tab.
  4. Click the Contractor 1099 Forms.

During the opt-in period:

From this page, you can enter in any payments made outside Zenefits and determine if Zenefits will file 1099  forms . Once forms are generated, they will be available for download in the far right column.

Outside of the opt-in period:

This page will become read-only. Any forms that were generated during previous opt-in periods will remain available for download. The ability to "opt-in" or enter information will be locked until the next opt-in period.

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