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Contingent Workers and Payroll

Zenefits Payroll gives you the ability to pay your contingent workers in the same system where you've been paying your employees.

The People Tab

The People tab of the Zenefits Payroll app is divided into two sections: Staff & Contractors. From each of these sections, you can see a list of your workers' names, their phone... Learn more

Adding Contractors to Pay Runs

Independent contractors can be paid in your regular pay runs, if they have been assigned a pay schedule and completed their payroll information. Within the pay run, they can be ... Learn more

Can I deactivate my independent contractor?

Independent contractors can be removed from payroll like any other worker. From the Payroll app, click on the People tab.Click on Show Details next to the contractor you'd like ... Learn more

Can I pay contractors on an off cycle pay run?

Yes! You can pay contractors in Zenefits Payroll through an off cycle run by following the steps below. In the Payroll app, choose Pay Runs in the top menu bar. Click Add  Of... Learn more

Managing Form 1099 in Zenefits Payroll

If you pay your independent contractors through Zenefits Payroll, you can opt in to Zenefits generating the 1099  for them by taking these steps. Note that you can only add info... Learn more

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