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Pay schedules for Zenefits Time & Attendance users

Here are the requirements for using Zenefits Payroll with Time & Attendance.

  • All schedules must have 7 days in arrears.
    • This is to ensure your workers are able to report their hours and there is enough time to process payroll.
    • Additionally, this is the maximum number of arrears days allowed in California.
  • All schedules must have a 12-hour approval window for Time & Attendance because this is the only available window that will close before the payroll approval deadline, when there is an intervening weekend.  At this time, the 12-hour window cannot be altered.
  • Separate runs are generated for both hourly/salary non-exempt T & A workers vs. salary workers.
  • Hours entered after the Time & Attendance approval window ends must be manually added to payroll. Preview runs (generated for T&A) become Draft runs at  12  PM on the day after the pay period closes. At this point, hours entered into T&A will not push to payroll.
    • Any changes made in payroll will not sync back to T&A.
  • If there's a weekend or holiday in the block period, companies with a  4-day  period are temporarily moved to  2-day. This only applies to the non-exempt hourly employees using Time & Attendance. The exempt salaried pay run will be on the normal 4-day block period.
  • The number of schedules you can have depends on whether you use Zenefits Payroll and Time & Attendance:
  • -If you don't use (or don't plan to use) Time & Attendance, you can set up one or two schedules.
  • If you do use (or plan to use) Time & Attendance, you must set up two schedules.
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