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How to claim my R&D Tax Credit (BETA only)

This beta is available for Zenefits Payroll customers. If you'd like to participate in the beta for this initial functionality, please reach out to our support team to be added. 

Once you have been provided access to this beta functionality: 

  • Open the Payroll app on your Zenefits dashboard. 
  • Click on the Taxes tab and navigate to Tax Payments & Credits in the left-hand menu. 
  • To add your R&D Tax Credit, fill in the appropriate questions to indicate that you have claimed credits on IRS form 6765 and select the year(s) in which the form was filed. Provide the corporate income tax return details and the amount(s) to be claimed, and click the Next button. 
  • You will be directed to the credits summary page. This page will show you the entries you have made, but have not yet claimed. You may still edit the information you have submitted at this time. 
  • When you are ready to claim your credits, review your information for accuracy and click the Claim Credit button. Note: Once you click the Claim Credit button, you will no longer be able to edit your submission information.
  • Read and select the acknowledgement  box in the pop-up window and click the Confirm button. 
  • You will now see your submitted claimed credits on the Tax Credits & Payments tab. 

Note: The current beta feature does not allow for credits to be claimed for previous quarters. If a credit needs to be claimed on a  941 return which has already been filed, this will need to be handled via an amendment to the 941 outside of the beta functionality.

At this time, amendments for R&D tax credits are handled manually via our Support team. If you need an amendment processed, please reach out to Support. 

Internal Support Notes

Customers are eligible for the R&D beta if: 

  • They are an active Zenefits customer on our Payroll platform. We do not support TriNet platform customers on the Zenefits R&D beta at this time as this beta is only available for Zenefits Payroll customers. 
  • Their Level of Service (LOS) is Full Service for Federal taxes. We do not support R&D credits tax filing for customers if we don't file their Federal 941 returns. 
  • They have the form 6765 and they know the exact amounts of the R&D tax credit they need to claim for the upcoming quarter. If a customer needs a 941 amendment processed in order to claim an R&D tax credit on a previous quarter's return and this amendment needs to be processed before a customer knows the exact amount of the credit they need to claim on their next return, then they may not be a great candidate for the beta at this time. This is because the beta does not allow for any changes to data once it has been entered in the system as a claim. If you are not sure, please reach out to Liv Connally on the Product Team via direct message or direct email (please don't use SFDC). 


What if customers need 941 amendments to claim R&D credits on previous quarters?

If a customer mentions they need R&D tax credit help, please clarify the above points with them.

The R&D beta does not handle amendments at this time. 

  • If a customer doesn't have new tax credits to claim in future quarters, but they need amendments to previous quarter returns in order to claim credits, this cannot be done via the beta and they are not eligible for the beta. 
  • All 941 amendments to claim R&D credits should be processed manually by the Filing Operations team and should not be forwarded to the Product team. Customers should NOT be advised to file their own amendments to claim R&D credits outside of Zenefits if they are full service for Federal filings. If you have additional questions on this process, please work with the Tax Filings Operations team. 

Clarus: If there are any questions regarding the  Clarus  R&D acquisition please reference our internal Confluence resource


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