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Zenefits Time & Attendance Updates

In order to automate labor group functionality for companies using Zenefits Time & Attendance and Payroll products, updates were made in the following areas:

Company Profile


company profile project


Projects have moved from Time & Attendance Settings to the Company Profile.


  • Only administrators with the Permission to Edit Company Profile will be able to view the Projects tab in the Company Profile.
  • You can add, edit, and delete Projects, but in order to assign workers to specific codes, you will need to initiate a change request or bulk edit.


worker profile project

Project availability within the Work Groups tab of the worker profile.

  • You can also individually assign projects in the worker profile. This will make the Project available to the worker when clocking in using Zenefits Time & Attendance.



Time & Attendance


time project company level


Enable Projects at a company level.

  • Work groups, including Projects, that have been set up in the Company Profile will feed into Time & Attendance Settings. To enable them at a company level, toggle them on.


employee level project enabling


Enable Projects at an individual worker level.

  • In the People tab of the Time & Attendance app, you can individually enable by clicking on a worker and opening the Work Groups tab. Uncheck the Use Company Defaults box, click the edit/pencil icon, and toggle on the desired work groups. Once you Save, the worker will have the applicable work group code available when clocking in.


Timesheets Interface


In the new interface of Time & Attendance, there have been some changes:

  • There is an auto-save feature that will lock the timesheet while it is saving. If the gray circle in the left most column spins, that means an auto-save is occurring.
  • You'll now need to select between Work Hours or Meal Break in the Activity column.
  • When entering your time into the sheet, a drop-down will display 30 minute increments as a guideline. If these are not helpful, simply key the numbers in the space directly. You must press the Enter button on your keyboard after keying the time in- if you previously used the tab key or clicked out of the entry to "save", this will no longer work. Additionally, it's recommended to enter the AM or PM in every entry and then hit Enter on your keyboard.
  • The Overnight indicator has moved to a drop down instead of a checkbox.
  • The Hours column has been renamed Duration and shifted further left on the timesheet view. It will still display the duration of the shift in hours and minutes.
  • The Status column has been renamed Attribution but will still display an audit log of changes. If there is an ellipsis present, you can hover over the field for more context.
  • The Notes section has been transitioned to an icon (just to the left of the new Attribution colun) and upon click, will open a pop-up window where you may enter any applicable notes.
  • Projects (or other work groups) must now be enabled (steps detailed above) in order to display as columns.
  • Project codes can now be assigned to only specific people, so anyone clocking in will not have to choose from every project code ever created.
  • The +Add Time Off Request quick link and functionality has been removed from the Timesheets interface. We do plan on adding this back into the page in the near future.
  • The pay period, reporting method, and approval status have all been shifted to the left of the timesheet, closer to the worker name and type.
  • If you are an approver of multiple workers, we've introduced a drop down at the top of the timesheet so you can quickly move between workers, instead of having to navigate back to the People tab.


Zenefits Payroll Contingency


By moving the Projects infrastructure under Company Profile, this allowed Zenefits Payroll to be structured better for companies who employ workers using multiple pay rates and positions.


Overtime Premium

Any workers who have multiple pay rates who work overtime hours will notice a new Earnings category on their paystub called Overtime Premium Earnings. For any questions on what Overtime Premium Earnings are, or what this section will look like, feel free to check out the articles below:


What are Overtime Premium Earnings?

Choosing an Overtime Premium Policy Setting

Understanding Overtime Premium Setting

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