ACA Compliance Training

Zenefits makes complying with the ACA's employer shared responsibility provisions easy and painless.  Learn how Zenefits will help you navigate the dense regulatory landscape and perform complex measurements and calculations, utilizing the existing data you have within the Zenefits system. 

Tips on Determining ALE Status and Calculating FTEs

This training provides a general guideline on how to determine Applicable Large Employer (ALE) status and calculate full-time employees and full-time  equivalents (FTEs), as wel... Learn more

Configuring the ACA Compliance App

This guide will walk you through sections 1 and 2 of ACA Compliance set up.  You'll learn how to determine your ALE status, confirm your medical plans, and configure your lookba... Learn more

Understanding the ACA Compliance Overview Page

This step by step training video will explain the ACA Overview page including pending actions and employee details.Once you complete the setup or configuration process, you'll b... Learn more

Generating ACA Forms and Filing

Training is available for Zenefits admins via our Training portal. These can also be accessed by logging into your Zenefits admin account and clicking Training from the bottom o... Learn more

This training is intended to serve as a general guideline and should not be considered legal or tax advice.  Companies should consult with experienced legal counsel if they have questions. 

Zenefits cannot and does not provide legal or tax advice. 

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