Exchanges and the Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act regulates group health coverage as well as individual coverage, including the state exchanges. These exchanges provide health plan options for individuals and small businesses.

State Exchanges

Marketplaces are now known as the “exchanges” under the Affordable Care Act and are required as part of the Act. Each state is required to establish an exchange. Should a st... Learn more

Network Requirements for Exchange Plan Providers

Under the Affordable Care Act, the provider networks for Exchange plans must meet specific requirements in order to be compliant. The provider networks must meet the fo... Learn more

Exchange Plan Requirements

Plans offered through the Exchange must meet the following requirements as set by the Affordable Care Act. Be certified by each Exchange through which it is offered.... Learn more

Employer Responsibilities under the Health Insurance Marketplace

All employers subject to the Fair Labor Standards Act are responsible for providing notice to their employees about Health Insurance Marketplace Coverage Options. What ... Learn more

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