Health Plan Requirements Under the ACA

The Affordable Care Act has implemented requirements that health plans must meet in order to stay in compliance.

Simple Cafeteria Plans and the ACA

An eligible small employer, which is generally fewer than 100 employees during the preceding two years, is provided with a safe harbor from non-discrimination requirements f... Learn more

Small Business Tax Credits

Small Business Tax Credits are available to eligible businesses and non-profits to put towards insurance coverage for their employees. In order to qualify for the Small Bus... Learn more

Grandfathered Health Plans

Health plans that were in effect on 3 /23/2010 or earlier and that have only seen minimal or no changes to their coverage and costs are considered grandfathered plans. For a pla... Learn more

Maintaining Grandfathered Plans

Grandfathered plans are exempt from many reforms, but they are still subject to certain guidelines. This includes: Changes in tax rules relating to health plans. Su... Learn more

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