Missing Data for ACA Compliance

When using the Zenefits ACA Compliance app, administrators will be prompted to complete any missing information that is required in the compliance process.

Missing Basic Employee Information for ACA Compliance

To be able to track a company's employees accurately and determine whether they were offered coverage when they were supposed to, Zenefits will need a basic set of information a... Learn more

Missing Hours of Service for ACA Compliance

To use the Zenefits ACA Compliance app, employers must provide Zenefits with hours of service information for all of the company’s pay periods in the filing year. This allows Ze... Learn more

Missing Offers of Coverage for ACA Compliance

For every employee that an employer is required to track, they will need to ensure that they have provided Zenefits with offer data so Zenefits can determine which insurance... Learn more

Can I edit the information listed in the spreadsheet?

No, any grey cells in the spreadsheet are locked and not editable. The information listed is pulled from the company/employee’s Zenefits profile. Once you finish the spreadsheet... Learn more

Why aren’t all of my employees showing on the missing information spreadsheet?

Zenefits scans the company and employee profiles and pulls data we already have into the ACA tool. The spreadsheets only ask for missing information, so you may have a reduced e... Learn more

Why am I being prompted to enter in hours of service from years ago?

This has to do with the company’s measurement and stability periods. In order to determine who is eligible for insurance during the stability period, we must first look at all h... Learn more

Troubleshooting Spreadsheet Upload Errors

When completing ACA spreadsheets, ensure you are completing the spreadsheet provided by Zenefits. Do not unlock the spreadsheet, add employees, highlight/color code, sort or fil... Learn more

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