Overview of ACA Forms

Here's an overview of the various ACA forms for employees and employers.

What is IRS Form 1095-A?

IRS Form 1095-A (Health Insurance Marketplace Statement) is the equivalent of Form 1095-C for individuals who purchased health insurance coverage for themselves (or anyone in th... Learn more

What is IRS Form 1094-B?

Form 1094-B acts as a coversheet that an insurance provider (or self-insured employer) uses to identify itself, the number of Forms 1095-B that it is sending to the IRS, and the... Learn more

What is IRS Form 1095-B?

IRS Form 1095-B is a statement provided by insurance companies, government agencies (e.g., Medicare), and self-insured employers to individuals who had health coverage for thems... Learn more

What is IRS Form 1094-C?

Form 1094-C  acts as the coversheet that each Applicable Large Employer uses to report one or more Forms 1095-C for its employees to the IRS. Zenefits does support IRS Form 1094... Learn more

What is IRS Form 1095-C?

IRS Form 1095-C  is a statement provided by an Applicable Large Employer (ALE) to each of its employees who were eligible for coverage in the previous year. The form helps the I... Learn more

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