Can I distribute my paychecks between multiple bank accounts?

Employees who use Zenefits for payroll can add multiple accounts for direct deposit, and decide how their paychecks should be distributed between accounts, from the Personal Information app.

To distribute your paychecks between multiple direct deposit accounts, make sure you've added more than one bank account, then follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Personal Information app on your dashboard.
  2. Go to the Banks & Paychecks page, then click the edit icon in the Paychecks section.
  3. Click Add Account to Distribution, then select an account to include in your direct deposit paycheck distribution (if you don’t have additional accounts to add to your distribution, you’ll be prompted to first add a bank account).
  4. Depending on your company’s payroll provider, you may be able to choose whether you want to distribute your paychecks by percentage or fixed dollar amounts. If you have the choice, select a distribution type, then decide how your paychecks should be distributed between your accounts.
  5. Once you've set your distribution, click Save.

Note: If you’re distributing your paychecks by fixed dollar amounts, you’ll have the option to reorder your accounts. The order of your accounts affects how your paycheck will be distributed if it’s ever short or over the distribution amounts you ’ve set. If your paycheck is short of your distribution amounts, your pay will be distributed to your accounts in order, from first to last. When your paycheck is over your distribution amounts, the remainder of your pay will be distributed to the last account.

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