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How to Correct 401(k) Import Status

To fix import errors, we recommend confirming the following are formatted correctly.

General Validations

  • that SSN field has nine digits, and there are no dashes or spaces
  • that either SSN or Zenefits ID is included, not both
  • that SSN matches what is in Zenefits

Deferral Validations

  • ensure that Roth & traditional amounts are recorded in separate rows for the same employee
  • ensure that employees that do not have a 401(k) amount are removed
  • if contribution data is in percentage, make sure the "%" is omitted
  • make sure dates are in MM / DD /YYYY format
  • make sure that formatting for Y/N fields only contains Y/N
  • match percent or cap percent are missing

Loan Validations

  • make sure plan number has alphanumeric characters
  • ensure that Primary Residence field is only filled with Y/N

An easy way to correct some of the above formatting errors is to select all the cells in the spreadsheet, click on Format from the toolbar, click Cells, then Text.

If both of the above have been fixed but the import continues to fail, contact Zenefits Customer Care.

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