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How to set up and use the Zenefits 401(k) tool

If you're a Zenefits Payroll customer, you have the ability to use the 401k  Import and Export feature to transfer information in a report format between your payroll system and 401k provider system. 

How do I set this up?

  1. From your admin dashboard in Zenefits, go to the Payroll app, then to the Settings tab.
  2. Click on 401k from the left hand menu.

Importing Deferral or Loan Updates

  1. Next, click Begin Import.
  2. Select whether you are importing Loan Updates or Deferral Updates.
  3. Select whether the file format is Excel or CSV.
  4. If you already have an acceptable template, click Upload then add it to the dashed box by selecting or dragging.
  5. If you wish, select the date range for the import.
  6. Drag and drop the file to upload.
  7. If you're receiving an error message in the import process, make sure the format follows the guidelines in this article.

Exporting 401k Data

  1. Click Export Data.
  2. Pick one of the following reports from the drop down
    401k Combined Report: Aggregated information from Contribution, Loan Repayment, and Maintenance reports
    401k Contribution Report: Information regarding worker and employer contribution towards 401k
    401k Loan Repayment Report: Information regarding loan repayment deductions
    401k Maintenance Report: Worker census information
  3. Next, select whether you'd like to filter the report by:
    Pay Runs: Select all the pay runs you'd like to export information from in one report
    Pay Date: Select the pay date and pay run(s) you'd like to to export information from in one report
  4. Decide if social security number should be included
  5. Select if the report should be run in Excel or CSV format.
  6. Export.
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