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ACA Compliance Overview Page

For Administrators and Employees

The Zenefits ACA Compliance app automates much of the work for companies by taking into account their existing benefits and employee data, and makes it easy to submit any missing information.

Explaining the ACA Compliance Overview Page

On the ACA Compliance Overview page, the Enrolled in Coverage column on the Employee Details section of the dashboard shows whether each of a company's employees has opted t... Learn more

Viewing the Months Requiring Coverage Column

On the ACA Compliance Overview page, the Months Requiring Coverage column on the Employee Details table displays which months an employer is required to offer coverage to an... Learn more

Accounting for Change to Employee Compensation Type

Any changes made to an employee’s profile in Zenefits related to compensation type (salaried vs. hourly) or compensation (annual salary vs. hourly rate) will be updated in the Z... Learn more

Accounting for Employees Moved Part-Time to Full-Time

If an employee was moved from part-time to full-time status in Zenefits during their initial measurement period, the employer will need to make this adjustment manually in t... Learn more

Weekly Equivalency Method

Because most companies do not track the hours of their salaried employees, Zenefits uses the weekly equivalency method, which assumes 40 hours of service for each week in wh... Learn more

Manual Edits to Employee Hours in ACA Compliance

Admins have the ability to edit all employee hours from the ACA Compliance Overview page. Admins may need to do this for a number of reasons. For example, Zenefits automatically... Learn more

Viewing Multiple Measurement Periods in ACA Compliance

The Employee Table on the ACA Compliance Overview page may sometimes display two different measurement periods. This occurs if the employer has two stability periods that cover ... Learn more

ACA Compliance for Rehired Employees

Under the ACA, employees who were terminated and rehired after a gap of 13 weeks or more after termination date, should be treated as a new hire for their lookback measurement. ... Learn more

When a Part-Time Employee Becomes "Full-Time" Qualified

It's possible that an employee who is designated as "part-time" within Zenefits will work enough hours during their measurement period (at least 130 hours/month on average) ... Learn more

Employment Types Considered for ACA Compliance

By default, only Full-time employees, Part-time employees, Interns and Company-paid Temp workers will be considered in the ACA Compliance app. Other types of workers such as Ind... Learn more

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