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Configuring the ACA Compliance App

This guide will walk you through sections 1 and 2 of ACA Compliance set up.  You'll learn how to determine your ALE status, confirm your medical plans, and configure your lookback method.

Please note that this guide is intended for first time users of the ACA flow. If you have previously completed the ACA flow in Zenefits, these steps will not apply.

Section 1

Step 1: Calculate ALE status.

Step 2: Confirm terminated employees.

Step 3: Confirm medical plan information is correct.

Step 4: Set up affordability and safe harbors.

Section 2

Step 1: Provide pay period information if your company doesn't use Zenefits Payroll or Pay Connect.

Step 2: Configure look back measurement

Step 3: Confirm standard measurement, administrative, and stability periods for existing employees

Step 4: Confirm standard measurement, administrative, and stability periods for new hires

Section 3 (required if information is missing in Zenefits)

Step 1: Provide any missing basic employee information. If you think some of the contingent workers (contractors, vendor employees, etc.) need not be tracked for ACAcompliance, add dummy information for now. Later they can be removed from the ACA dashboard and app. 
Please note any information added in the ACA app for workers will NOT sync back to the worker profile.

Step 2 (if W-2 Safe Harbor is selected): Provide Box 1 of the employee’s Form W-2 for that filing year.

Step 3: Provide any missing information about the medical plans offered.

Step 4: Provide any missing employee hours data.

Step 5: Provide any missing information about employees’ medical plans.

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