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Where can I get my Form 1095-B

The 1095-B form is generated by medical insurance carriers and used to report enrollee coverage status to the IRS. Your 1095-B  form will indicate the months that you met the minimum essential coverage for the previous tax year.

Carriers send 1095-B forms directly to enrollees, so brokers do not have access to these forms. If you did not receive your 1095-B form in the mail you can get your form either through the carrier portal or by calling the carrier and requesting a new form.

How can I contact the carrier?

The phone number for your insurance carrier's Member Services department can always be found on your medical ID card.

Alternatively, from your Medical Overview page in Zenefits we provide contact information for each carrier on the right panel. Select "Member Services & Claims Info" and the panel will expand to reveal carrier contact information.

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