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How do I fix business control code for ACA e-filing?

If you see Business Name, EIN, and Control Code when you click Fix Errors on the ACA Filing page, this is because the Business Control Code that is on file with the IRS is different from the one in Zenefits. Click Edit and follow these instructions to fix it.

What causes this error?

The IRS uses the legal name that you entered on Form SS-4, Application for Employer Identification Number to generate the four character Business Control Code. If the name you entered in Zenefits is not the same as the one on Form SS-4, the control code in Zenefits won't match up to the one on file with the IRS. Review your company's name on the form along with your business's EIN and verify the information is correct.

How can I determine the correct code?

You can determine your business control code using the first four characters of your legal name (as it's listed on Form SS-4). The code can contain only letters, numbers, ampersands ("&"), or hyphens ("-").

  • If the first four characters are all letters, just use those for the code. For example, if your business is called "Sumac Field Plow Inc.", then your control code is SUMA.
  • Blank spaces count as a character. If one of the first four characters is a space, remove it, and use the next character. For example, if your company is called "Y-Z Drive Company", your control code is Y-ZD.
  • If your name starts with "The" contains has only one other word, include "THE" in code. Otherwise, use the characters in the second word. For example:
    • if your company is called "The Willow Company", your code is WILL.
    • if your company is called "The Hawthorn", your code is THEH.
  • Don't include "DBA" ("doing business as") in the code.

How can I fix the error?

Administrators can fix these errors directly in Zenefits by clicking the Fix Errors button under the Filing tab. Zenefits will submit the corrected information to the IRS.

If your company has questions about your correct business name or EIN, please call the IRS Business Number at (800) 829-4933. For general questions about the error codes, please call the IRS e-Help Desk at (866) 937-4130 (choose option 3) for assistance.

Learn more about business name control codes, and see these IRS instructions to learn more about creating control codes. If you need to fix your employees' individual name control codes, see these instructions.

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