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What happens if my company isn't able to fix the ACA e-filing errors?

If your company is alerted by Zenefits that the IRS found errors with your filing, your company must do its due diligence to resolve those errors. Please see these pages on Fixing Business Control Code and Fixing Individual Control Code for information on how to resolve filing errors.

If the instructions linked above do not resolve the issue, there is no further action to take. Do not click the Send to IRS button. Clicking this button will cause the IRS to send another Accepted with Errors response and start the notification process over again. Leave the information as-is and your existing submission will be accepted by the IRS.

Keep in mind, if your company is unable to resolve the issue you should be prepared to show the IRS which steps you have taken to correct the filing error and document why these updates weren't made. The IRS will want to make sure that your company took any and all actions to correct the errors before moving forward.

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