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Where can I find Form 1095-C in Zenefits?

Once your primary administrator generates and approves your company's Forms 1095-C, you can download a PDF of the form by logging in to Zenefits, then clicking on the Personal Information app. Then, click Documents from the left-side menu and find the form in the list of documents.

What if I don't see the form there?

  • Your primary administrator may not have completed the necessary prework required for the form distribution yet.
  • Your company may not be eligible to complete and distribute Form 1095-C. If they aren't considered an ALE or AALE, you won't see a 1095-C in your account.

Where can I find a form from a previous year?

  • If your company has been with Zenefits for multiple years of ACA filing, only the most recently completed 1095-C will be available to you.
  • For example, if your company completed ACA filing for 2019  and 2018, only the 2019 Form 1095-C will be available in your Documents section.
  • To receive a previous year's 1095-C, please contact your company administrator and they should be able to download from the ACA app on Zenefits.
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