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What does Aggregated Applicable Large Employer (AALE) stand for?

An Aggregated Applicable Large Employer (AALE) refers to a group of affiliated entities that are under common control, for example: parent and subsidiary.

Aggregated Applicable Large Employers will need to link their 1094-C and 1095-C forms together with other members of their AALE when filing with the IRS. In order to ensure that the Affordable Care Act Compliance product can support a company's AALE structure, the company will likely need to prepare some additional information before they get started with the Affordable Care Act setup process.

Each ALE member within an AALE group with its own EIN must file as its own entity. For Zenefits purposes, each distinct ALE member within a larger AALE group must separately set up the ACA Compliance app, and generate forms.

NOTE: If your companies are linked in Zenefits, we will automatically consider the companies as an AALE and will file any applicable forms to the IRS together. If they aren't linked, we will not file the groups together. If the companies need to be linked, please contact Zenefits Customer Care for assistance.

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