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What is the initial measurement period?

New hires who are not reasonably expected to work at least 130 hours per month have their own start date-specific , called initial measurement periods, which have different start and end dates (but the same duration) than the company’s standard measurement period.

Once new hires complete an initial measurement period and administrative period, they will automatically be shifted onto the company’s standard measurement cycle, and their measurement, administrative, and stability periods will be aligned with other similarly situated employees.

Understanding the Initial Measurement Period

For a new hire that is designated as a part-time employee in Zenefits, their Initial Measurement Period begins as soon as they begin working, and they will be offered benefits if it is determined, over the measurement period, that they are a “full-time” qualified employee.

In contrast, for a new hire that is designated as a full-time employee in Zenefits, they will be offered benefits as soon as their associated waiting period is over -- they will not be required to wait through the duration of the initial measurement period in order to be considered a “full-time” qualified employee for ACA purposes.

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