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Tracking Employee Hours Using the Measurement Period

The measurement period is the period during which you track employee hours of service. The hours worked during this period is what will determine whether an employee is considered “full-time” qualified and will be eligible for coverage during the subsequent stability period.

In Zenefits, the measurement period is set at 12 months.

Initial Measurement Period for New Hires

The measurement period for New Hires is known as the Initial Measurement Period, and is likely to differ from the Standard Measurement Period that is set for the company. The Initial Measurement Period will be different for each new hire, as it is based on their start date. Once a new hire completes their first Initial Measurement Period, they will be moved onto the Standard Measurement Period for future measurement purposes.

Standard Measurement Period for Ongoing Employees

Ongoing employees are all measured using the Standard Measurement Period, which starts on a fixed date each year, and lasts for 12 months.

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