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Missing Basic Employee Information for ACA Compliance

To be able to track a company's employees accurately and determine whether they were offered coverage when they were supposed to, Zenefits will need a basic set of information about all employees that worked at least 1 day in that calendar year. This includes current employees as well as employees who were terminated before the company joined Zenefits, who are likely not in the Zenefits system.

During setup, Zenefits will prompt for any missing employee information and ask the administrator to complete a spreadsheet with the necessary information. The administrator will need to complete it with information for terminated employees who are not in the Zenefits system, as well as any information that may be missing for their existing employees. This process must be completed in Microsoft Excel only.

If Zenefits already has some pieces of information, the corresponding cell in the employee information spreadsheet will be locked and uneditable.

Employee Information Needed for ACA Compliance

The information we need for each employee includes the following:

  1. Name
  2. Hire Date
  3. Termination Date
  4. Email Address
  5. Employment Type (Full-Time/Part-Time Status)
  6. Compensation Type (Hourly/Salary)
  7. Compensation (Hourly Rate or Annual Salary)
  8. Social Security Number
  9. Street Address
  10. City or Town
  11. State or Province
  12. Country
  13. Zip Code

Tips for Filling Out the Spreadsheet

The administrator can skip over any locked /grey cells with information pre-populated; for these employees, the administrator should only fill in the missing information in the required columns. If they wish to update pre-populated information, they can go to the employee's profile within Zenefits to update those fields.

For terminated employees, the administrator should input a personal email address in the email address field. This can be left blank if the administrator does not have an email address on hand.

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