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Missing Hours of Service for ACA Compliance

To use the Zenefits ACA Compliance app, employers must provide Zenefits with hours of service information for all of the company’s pay periods in the filing year. This allows Zenefits to accurately determine which employees became “full-time” qualified and when, as well as whether the plans offered meet the affordability threshold.

Zenefits will alert primary administrators about missing hours of service data during the setup process, and/or under the Required Actions section of the ACA Compliance Overview page.

Missing Hours and Syncing Payroll with Zenefits

As soon as a company sets up payroll sync, Zenefits pulls this information into the system automatically. However, there are some scenarios that will require us to collect missing hours of service data from an employer manually, such as:

  • If the company’s payroll is not synced and there is at least one hourly employee.
  • If hourly data for that month is not available in the company's payroll system.

How to Complete Missing Hours of Service

To submit missing data, the administrator can download a spreadsheet provided by Zenefits in the ACA Compliance Overview page and complete it with missing hours of service data for each hourly employee. Each column spans a period of approximately one month that may cover one or more of the company's pay periods (depending on pay frequency). All spreadsheets must be completed in Excel.

For example: for a company on a semi-monthly pay frequency with pay dates of the 1st and 15th of the month, enter the sum of hours for both pay periods into column with the period that covers these periods.

Multiple Pay Schedules

If a company has multiple pay schedules (for example: semi-monthly pay frequency for some employees and weekly pay frequency for other employees), Zenefits will need this information for each pay schedule. Each unique pay schedule has its own tab in the spreadsheet.

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