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Missing Offers of Coverage for ACA Compliance

For every employee that an employer is required to track, they will need to ensure that they have provided Zenefits with offer data so Zenefits can determine which insurance was offered to each employee and when.

In particular, Zenefits may not necessarily have offer information for the following:

  • Employees who were terminated prior to the company joining Zenefits who are not in our system.
  • Coverage that was offered pursuant to a medical plan or plans that the company had prior to joining Zenefits which is not in our system.

Plan Offer Information Needed for ACA Compliance

Zenefits will prompt for any missing offer data during the ACA Compliance setup process by asking the admin to download a spreadsheet and complete it with the following information for each full-time employee. All spreadsheets must be completed in Excel only.

  1. Employee Name
    • Zenefits only requires plan and offer information for full-time employees. Part-time employees will not be included in the spreadsheet.
  2. "Best Plan" Offered
    • The "best plan" that was offered to an employee is not necessarily the plan that an employee ultimately enrolled in.
  3. Offer Date
    • The effective date of the "best plan" offered.
  4. Self-Only Employee Contribution (Monthly)
    • The employee’s monthly payment for self-only coverage (no dependents) under the "best plan" that was offered.
  5. Enrollment Status
    • Whether the employee enrolled in any plan offered by the employer (not necessarily the "best plan").
  6. Plan Name
    • The name of the plan that the employee actually enrolled in.
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