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Broker vs Admin Responsibilities

Broker vs. Admin Responsibilities

Groups that utilize a Certified Broker Partner (CBP) have a dedicated broker team that handles their Benefits Administration via their Partner Account.  When a group utilizes a CBP, the admin’s role on the Benefits Administration app is restricted to view-only permissions, and the broker team has full access based on their permissions to launch renewals, manage employee enrollments, and complete fulfillment (adds, terms, changes, QLEs, renewal, etc.) tasks.

For groups that do not utilize a CBP, please work with your broker to identify how to delegate responsibilities.  The items listed below have to be completed for all groups with benefits and division of responsibilities should be something the group & broker mutually agree too.

Certified Broker Partner Responsibilities

Admin Responsibilities

The admin has limited permissions in the Benefits Administration app, but they will still be responsible for the following:

Outside of the Benefits Administration app, the admin is responsible for all HR modules and tasks that they receive in their inbox. This can include:

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