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Creating a waterfall contribution scheme outside of Open Enrollment

Learn about the process that group administrators or brokers should use to create a waterfall contribution scheme outside of the Create Renewal flow or after Open Enrollment (OE) has launched. 

To create a waterfall contributions scheme you will need to build the scheme from scratch. Editing an existing scheme will not allow you to create a waterfall contribution scheme.

  1. From your administrator dashboard Click on the "Benefits Administration" application
  2. Click on the "Plans and Carriers" tab
  3. Click "Contributions" on the top right of the page 
  4. Click "Create Scheme"
  5. Enter the effective date for the scheme and click "Create Scheme"
  6. Click the drop down in the "Coverage" field and select "Waterfall" then click "continue"
  7. Choose who you would like the scheme to apply to and click "continue" 
  8. Enter in the employer contribution amount and click "Submit" 

You will be directed to the draft policy page where you can see the current draft you have been working on. From this page you will need to activate the policy by clicking "activate" then clicking "activate" on the pop up notification that appears.

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Zenefits does not support a waterfall contribution scheme to be applied towards employee only premiums. Zenefits supports applying a fixed contribution to the combined employee and dependent medical premiums and then applying any remaining employer contribution to the employee and dependent dental contributions and any remainder employer contribution to employee and dependent vision premiums.





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