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Editing Employee Benefits Details

Editing Employee Enrollment(s) Overview

Overview: The Benefits Administration app enables brokers, benefits administrators, and group administrators to dynamically manage employee coverage details by allowing you to update and edit employee information in real-time or retroactively. There are a number of options that are available in order to keep employee data accurate and reflective of what is on file with a carrier.

All of these actions should be utilized only when a change was first made with a benefits carrier. Changes made in Zenefits using this methodology will not generate carrier fulfillment tasks or update COBRA Complete, if applicable. Admins and brokers should always update employee enrollment data if changes are made outside of the system to ensure deductions are accurate when pushing into payroll.

Note: For groups using  EDI, changes made using these functions will transmit via your EDI file feed to your respective benefits carriers.

How to Access:

  • Navigate to the Benefits Administration app
  • Click into the Employees tab
  • Select an employee
  • On the "Coverage" page , click the "Edit" button next to the line of coverage you need to make the change for
  • Select the relevant option 


  • Deductions - Making changes to employee enrollment data will impact your employee deductions. If you make historically changes to your employees'  historical enrollment data, you should expect to see Zenefits generate Deduction Adjustments to reconcile the updated employee cost information.

Change Event Effective Date

Overview: The "Change Event Effective Date" function allows a user to update the effective date for an enrollment.

Use Case(s):

  • An employee's enrollment is processed as an exception and the carrier approves the employee's enrollment for a later date than you requested

How to Use:

  • Select the event you need to update the effective date for
  • Input the new effective date
  • Click the "Submit" button

Add Coverage

Overview: The "Add Coverage" function allows a broker, benefits administrator, and/or group administrator to update an employee's active or historical coverage.  

Use Case(s): 

  • To backfill an employee's coverage to match the carrier
  • To backfill an employee's dependent coverage to match the carrier

How to Use:

  • Input the event effective date
  • Select the enrollment type
  • Select the plan
  • Select applicable dependents the coverage should apply to


  • Deduction Adjustments
  • New Event(s) on the employee's Event Log

Decline Coverage

Overview: The "Decline Coverage" function allows a broker, benefits administrator, or group administrator to move an employee's coverage to decline status.

Use Case(s):

  • An employee or group removes their coverage (as if never enrolled) directly with a benefits carrier and needs Zenefits to match their carrier invoice.

How to Use:

  • Effective Date - The effective date should reflect the date on which an employee declined coverage for a specific enrollment event.  The effective date you input will determine the date on which Zenefits will zero out deductions.
  • Enrollment Type - The enrollment type you select will populate in the employee's Event Log and corresponds with carrier enrollment types.

Change Dependent Coverage

Overview: The "Change Dependent Coverage" function allows a broker, benefits administrator, or group administrator to update the coverage status for an employee's dependent(s).  

Use Case(s):

  • As a broker you finalize your group's implementation but a single or several employees have dependents missing from their coverage in Zenefits

How to Use:

  • Event - Select the event you wish to make changes to for the employee.  If you are making historical changes you may need to make changes to multiple enrollment events.  For example, if you make a change to only the most recent event, the change will only apply from that date moving forward.
  • Effective Date - The effective date should coincide with the event date.
  • Enrolling Dependents - Simply select to add or remove coverage from the dependent.
  • Don't forget to click "Submit"
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