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FAQs About the Partner Dashboard

What is Partner Dashboard?

Partner Dashboard allows Certified Broker Partners to access all accounts from a single login to manage benefits administration on behalf of your clients, to include their company and employee benefits data, renewals, and carrier fulfillment.

What applications am I able to access and what information is available in those applications for my clients?

App Access:

  • Benefits Administration: You can access information related to medical, dental, vision, life, disability, and supplemental plans that you manage on behalf of your client.?
  • Business Intelligence: Provides access to pre-made & customer reporting capabilities in Zenefits.?

General Access:

  • You are not able to access your client’s FSA, HSA, or Commuter Benefits applications from Partner Dashboard.?
  • Check to see What’s new with Zenefits? by clicking the “bell icon” at the top of your dashboard, where Zenefits provides a list of product updates and announcements.?

What is a Benefits Contact?

A Benefits Contact is the user that Zenefits will display to workers as the point of contact for benefits/insurance related questions. Zenefits enables Certified Broker Partners (CBPs) to select one of the broker users that they manage in their Partner Dashboard account, as the point of contact for a particular group’s benefits questions. When a CBP assigns someone as a benefits contact, that user’s email address & phone number will populate within the respective group’s Benefits Administration application, indicating them as the primary point of contact for benefits questions for the group.

Who is able to assign Benefits Contacts?

CBP users with full admin permissions are able to assign Benefits Contacts within Partner Dashboard.

As a Partner Dashboard administrator, how do I assign a Benefits Contact to a group?

  • Log in to your Zenefits Partner Dashboard account.
  • Click the “hamburger menu” (3 horizontal lines in the top left-hand corner of your Zenefits window).
  • Select the “Company Settings” tab.
  • Search for the company for which you're assigning a Benefits Contact.
  • Click on the vertical ellipses on the right side of the screen.
  • Click the “Assign Benefits Contact” icon.
  • Then, from the drop-down, select the user you would like to assign to the group in question.

What can I use the Company Settings page for?

  • View list of all groups associated with your Partner Dashboard account
  • View the assigned Benefits Contact for each group
  • View the Benefits Contact’s email address & phone number
  • Assign new Benefits Contact, or change the Benefits Contacts for your group(s)

As a Partner Dashboard admin, how do I add new users to my Partner Dashboard account?

  • Log in to your Zenefits Partner Dashboard account.
  • Click the “hamburger menu” (3 horizontal lines in the top left-hand corner of your Zenefits window).
  • Select the “Team Settings” tab.
  • Click “Add Team Member” in the top right corner of your screen.
  • You'll be prompted to enter the new user’s information and invite them to access Partner Dashboard when you click the “Invite Member” button.

As a Partner Dashboard admin, how do I make changes to user accounts?

All changes to Partner Dashboard user accounts should be made from the “Team Settings” page.

Use the vertical ellipses on the right side of the screen to:

  • Deactivate accounts that are no longer in use
  • Make changes to the user’s name, phone number, or role/permission in Partner Dashboard
  • You can also reactivate accounts by click on the “Deactivated” tab

Note: You are not able to make changes to a user’s email address.

What is a Public Contact?

Public Contacts are a way to add users as Benefits Contacts, without providing them with a Partner Dashboard account.

The main intent of this is to allow Broker Partners to assign an inbox as a contact for a group, rather than a specific person as the point of contact.

Example: As a broker, you have a service team that works with groups & employees on benefits related questions, rather than a specific account manager or benefits consultant.  You can create a Public Contact, like service-team@ , then assign this Public Contact as the Benefits Contact for one or more groups.

How do I create a Public Contact?

  • Navigate to the “Public Contacts” page, from the menu in the top left of your Zenefits screen
  • Click the “Add Public Contact” button on the top right of the screen
  • Add all the required information and click “Add Contact”

Features of the Renewals Calendar

The renewals calendar shows you how many groups are due for a renewal in a given month.  If a group has lines of coverage with varying effective dates, you will see the groups show up in each respective month.

Key Features

  • Remaining = groups who need at least one line of coverage renewed in the system
  • Completed = groups whose benefits are up-to-date 
  • Clicking the words "Remaining" or "Complete" at the bottom of the graph will remove those groups from the chart
  • Clicking on the gray or blue portions of the bar graph will show you the names of the Remaining or Completed groups - clicking the group name in the pop-up will take you to the group page

* Note: this is a new feature that has not been widely released yet

How do I remove a company from Partner Dashboard?

As a Certified Broker Partner administrator using the Partner Dashboard to manage your book of business, you can now remove a company from your account if you are no longer the broker.  To complete this, click on the kebab menu next to the company's name and select Remove Company.  The company administrator will be informed that you are no longer their broker and they are now responsible for processing any fulfillment tasks for their employees.

The Zenefits team will also be notified to reach out to the company administrator to either update their contract or offboard their benefits.

Note: this feature has not been widely released yet

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