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Frequently Asked Questions About Fulfillment

Who is responsible for handling my enrollments if my group doesn't utilize EDI?


  • For groups with a Certified Broker Partner, your broker team handles and completes carrier fulfillment directly with the carrier. As the group administrator, if you would like additional involvement in the carrier fulfillment process, please work with your CBP for additional involvement in the process.
  • If your group is not utilizing a Certified Broker Partner, your group is responsible for completing all carrier fulfillment.

What happens after a renewal is sent through EDI?

  • Once the renewal file is sent via EDI, the carrier will begin updating the group structure for the new plan year. During the period of time between the submission of the file and the renewal effective date, the carrier will no longer accept the previous plan year's production files. This is commonly referred to as a "blackout period."
  • During this period EDI  feed for that carrier will be in a "paused" state in Zenefits
  • Any enrollment changes during this period will need to be manually processed with the carrier by the broker or company admin, instead of being sent through the EDI feed. Tasks will populate on the Fulfillment Task Dashboard until the renewal effective date. 
  • On the renewal effective date the EDI feed for the carrier will be resumed. Any enrollment changes after that will be sent via the EDI feed. Please note, any enrollment changes for expired plans will need to be manually sent to the carrier.


Am I able to filter tasks in the fulfillment dashboard?

  • Yes. Using the filter section found on the left side of the page, you can sort tasks by carrier, effective date, task creation date, assignees, and task type.


How do I sort tasks?

  • You are able to sort tasks by utilizing ascending & descending sort at the top of each column.


How can I add notes when completing task in Zenefits?

  • Navigate to the task, click on Activity Feed, and you can leave notes in the text box. You can also use "@" to mention, or tag, other users.


How do I annotate proof of submission after I've completed a task in the carrier portal or submitted an enrollment manually?

  • Navigate to the task, and on the Task Details tab, scroll down to Proof of Submission field. Here, you can upload your proof of submission to the task.


How do I send enrollments directly from Zenefits?

  1. Click on the specific fulfillment task, scroll down to Send Forms and click the arrow.
  2. Add the corresponding email address, subject line, and additional information you would like to include in the body of the email.
  3. Click Send Form.

When do forms populate in Zenefits?

  • Zenefits will generate forms automatically and prepopulate data into the form for specific supported carriers. Some examples include Anthem, UHC, Kaiser, Guardian, MetLife, and Principal.

How do I view tasks I've closed out in the past?

  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the All Filter section on the left side of the Fulfillment page and click the link that reads See Closed Tasks.
  2. You'll find all the historical closed tasks and be able to see who processed it and when.

What do I do if my carrier doesn't support form automation or my carrier is unsupported in Zenefits?

  • Please reach out to the Zenefits Customer Care team or your Partner Success Manager for requests to add new carriers or to add form automation for a carrier (Zenefits will review requests on an individual basis).

How do I assign tasks, close out tasks, or do either in bulk?

Assigning Tasks

  1. Click on the checkbox for the task that you want to assign out.
  2. Click Assign icon.
  3. Select Assignee.


  1. Click on the task to open the task box.
  2. Select Assignee from the drop down menu at the top right of the task box.


Closing Tasks


  1. Click on the checkbox for the task that you wish to close out.
  2. Click Close Task button that populates at the top of the fulfillment inbox.


  1. Click on the task to open up the task box.
  2. Click Mark as Closed button at the top right of the task box.


Bulk Assign/Close Tasks


  1. Click on the checkboxes for all tasks that you want assigned or closed or click on the checkbox that has the down arrow at the top of the fulfillment inbox.
  2. When all applicable tasks are chosen, click Assign to bulk assign or Close Tasks to bulk close.
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