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Fulfillment Methods

  • Manual Fulfillment Tasks: once elections are made in Zenefits, we will generate a task with the corresponding member enrollment form (for supported carriers) for submission to the carrier
  • EDI: Zenefits will push an EDI feed to carriers once a week to update all enrollment changes that have occurred in the Zenefits system.
For questions on if you qualify for EDI or for which carriers forms are supported, please visit this page. For any further questions please consult with your Customer or Account Executive, where applicable.

Please note that the following fulfillment methods are only available under certain conditions. Please connect with your Customer or Account Executive for more information.


  • API: this form of fulfillment is only available for groups on Ben Connect with certain carriers.
  • Portal Automation: a method of fulfillment that uses the carrier's secure enrollment portal to complete member enrollment transactions automatically.
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