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How do I change a contribution scheme outside of Open Enrollment?

This feature should be utilized if you want to update a contribution scheme outside of Open Enrollment.  If you want to make changes for an upcoming Open Enrollment, you will do this in the Open Enrollment experience; more information can be found here.

Please contact your broker, or administrator with broker permissions, to change the contribution scheme for your group.  If you lack permissions, you will see an error message when trying to make changes.

To edit an active contribution scheme, navigate to the Company tab in the Benefits Administration app, click Contribution Policies on the left side, and follow these steps:

  • Click Duplicate in the top right corner
  • Indicate the Effective Date you want the new scheme to go into effect (employee deductions will be updated based on this date) and click the red Duplicate button
  • Click the Edit pencil icon or the trashcan icon under the Actions column to make changes or delete a particular scheme
  • Click Add Policy at the bottom to add a new scheme for a different line of coverage or contribution tier
  • To change the effective date of the policy, click Edit at the top
  • The scheme will remain as a draft policy until you click Activate at the top

To create a new contribution policy from scratch, click the red Create Policy button in the top right corner.  Once the policy is activated, it will override any existing policy, starting on the effective date entered.

Use the dropdown in the top left corner to toggle between Active, Previous, Upcoming, and Draft Policies.  Only Draft policies are able to be edited.

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