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How do I set up contribution tiers for different classes of employees

If you would like to create a contribution tier for a set of employees, you can do so by navigating to the Company tab in the Benefits Administration app, clicking on Employee Tiers on the left side, and following these steps:


  • Click Add Contribution Tier at the bottom of the page
  • Create a name for this tier of employees, select all lines of coverage this tier applies to, and click Create
  • Click the blue Add Employees link in the Employees column to assign employees to the tier
  • Click the pencil icon next to an employee's name to assign an individual or check the boxes next to multiple employees and click Edit at the top to assign in bulk
  • In the pop-up window, select the applicable lines of coverage, contribution tier, effective date of this change, indicate the paycheck  proration, and click Update Tier 
  • Click View Contribution Tiers in the bottom right corner to navigate back to the Contribution Tiers page

To make edits to an existing tier:

  • To rename the tier, click the edit pencil icon in the Actions column
  • To remove a line of coverage from the tier, click the trashcan icon in the Actions column (Note: you will only be able to remove a line of coverage if there are no employees assigned to it)
  • To change the tier an employees is assigned to, click View Employee Tiers in the bottom right corner 


Once you have your contribution tiers set up, you can create a contribution policy based on the tiers, either in the renewals flow or by clicking on the Contribution Policies link in the Company tab

Who can make changes to contribution tiers?

Any benefits administrator can make these changes, so this could be your insurance broker or company administrators.

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