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Managing Benefits for Unregistered Employees

Once an employee is hired in the Zenefits system, their account does not become active until the employee completes the registration process.  Benefits can only be added to the profiles of active users, therefore, if the Benefits Administrator or insurance broker needs to add benefits details for these unregistered users, this can be done after manually activating the account:


  1. Navigate to the Employees tab in the Benefits Administration app
  2. Check the box labeled Show unregistered new hires below the search bar on the left
  3. Click on the employee's name in question
  4. Navigate to the Personal Details tab
  5. Click the edit pencil icon in the top right corner
  6. Add in the employee's DOB, gender, and address and click Save
  7. Click the red Activate Employee button
  8. If needed, add dependents at the bottom of this page

Note: if the employee is currently within an enrollment window (based on their hire date and waiting period), they will be prompted to complete their enrollment in the system. 


To add in benefits details, follow the steps on this page.


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