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Plan Availability

How to Update OOS Availability

  1. In the Benefits Administration app, click on the Plans & Carriers tab.
  2. Locate the plan in question and click the Edit icon (the pencil).
  3. Check the box net to Available Out of State to turn on out-of-state availability.
  4. Fill out the Available States field if applicable.
  5. Click Submit to save the changes.

Note: If you are logging into a Partner account, you will need to search for the company using the search bar on the top right-hand corner of the page, then follow the above steps.

State Specific Availability Overview

In order for a plan to be available for an employee to elect in Zenefits, the employee must live in a state that corresponds with the plan's state availability rules, as configured during implementation, Open Enrollment, or the group's New Group Enrollment.  Plan availability is first configured at the plan level, with the State Specific Availability & Out of State Availability field(s).

Example: During Open Enrollment, you build an PPO  plan that is available in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Arizona.  You have a dispersed/remote workforce and also have employees working & living in other states, like California and New York.  The aforementioned PPO plan will not show as an available plan for any of the employees living in California or New York and will only populate for employees living in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Arizona.

Employee Plan Availability when Hiring

When hiring an employee, administrators are able to define coverage availability for employees based on the line of coverage.  Administrators are able to do this in the "Health Benefits" section of the hiring flow.  The lines of coverage that are available to the employee by default will populate in this step of the hiring flow; administrators are able to then deselect those lines of coverage as needed.


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