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The Quoting Tool

The Zenefits Quoting tool allows brokers & benefits administrators to quickly quote small group ACA plans for their group(s). The quoting tool automatically pulls in preexisting employee data such as age, date of birth, and dependent info to populate small group plan rates in a streamlined process for users. Zenefits stores carrier metadata on plan structure in our system in order to make quoting easy on you. 

Additional Documentation: Quoting Tool User Guide

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): 

Can I use the quoting tool for new groups? 

  • You can only utilize the quoting tool for groups already active on the Zenefits platform. 

What types of plans can I quote? 

  • Small group ACA plans for medical, dental, and vision benefits. 
  • Please note that dental/vision rates are impacted by company contribution and participation. 

Can I quote composite rates for medical plans? 

  • Yes but rates are not live - if the group wants to explore composite rate options, you will be able to enter the composite rates for the stock plan found when quoting. You can do this by following the steps below: 
  • Hover over the plan card and click Details Click Premiums at the top of the pop up 
  • Click My Group Wants Composite Rates 
  • Enter composite rates from carrier quote (must have from carrier beforehand) 
  • Click Confirm Rates 

When are new plans added into the quoting tool? 

  • New plans are added at the end of each quarter for the next quarter. 

What do I do if my plan is not available in the quoting tool? 

  • Please reach out to the Zenefits support team. 
  • Zenefits support will confirm if: 
  • The plan and/or carrier are supported OR The eta on when the plan will be loaded, if applicable. 

What determines the zip code when quoting plans for my group(s)? 

  • The Zenefits quoting tool quotes based on the group zip code which is added during implementation and maintained by the group administrator. 

Are COBRA employees included when quoting? 

  • No - when installing plans with carriers you will need to work directly with the COBRA provide to ensure they are included in the underwriting process 

What does the INF label next to some plans mean? 

  • Some carriers offer plans that include infertility benefits. Make sure that the group is either currently on the version of the plan that has infertility benefits when quoting or is eligible to have that benefit added based on carrier guidelines. 

Can I save a proposal for a future date before launching to my group(s)? 

  • Yes, you can utilize the dropdown on the top right hand corner of to save your proposal for a later date.
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