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How do I cancel my commuter benefits?

If a worker no longer wishes to participate in commuter benefits, they can change their contributions to $0 to prevent further deductions. Make sure to do this before the 25th of the month in order for the changes to take effect for the following month.

Additionally, if your company wishes to no longer participate in commuter benefits, an administrator may change the company's contribution rate to zero. This will prevent any further deductions towards workers'  commuter benefits.

If you would like to cancel the account completely, please keep in mind you will forfeit any unused funds in the account when you cancel. You'll need to decide on the date you would like your account deactivated. You can use your funds up to this date, but you won't be able to file claims after the date. 

Please note: Unused Commuter Benefits funds remain with the company after a plan is cancelled. See how Commuter Benefits funding works here.

After you have used up your funds, please contact Zenefits Customer Care and provide your desired cancellation date.

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