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Getting Started with Commuter Benefits in Zenefits

Is my company required to offer commuter benefits?

Some jurisdictions mandate that companies of a certain size must offer commuter benefits programs to their employees. Companies in the following localities are required to provi... Learn more

What are the employer fees for a commuter benefits program?

Zenefits offers two different contracts for Commuter Benefits. Once the plan is set up, admins can choose to pay as they go each month or set up their employees for a full 12-mo... Learn more

How can I set up commuter benefits for my company?

Administrators can set up a commuter benefits account at any time from their Zenefits Dashboard. The setup process will ask for: basic company information desired plan st... Learn more

How are commuter benefits accounts funded?

Employees choose the monthly contribution amount for their commuter benefits accounts in Zenefits. The IRS sets limits on allowable pre-tax contributions. Amounts over th... Learn more

What are the contribution limits for commuter benefits?

The IRS mandated limit for pre-tax contributions to commuter benefits accounts will be increasing: To $300  per month in transit expenses  To $300  per month for parking expen... Learn more

Key Terms for Commuter Benefits

A glossary of key terms related to commuter benefits. Commuter Benefits Terminology Claim: Reporting of an eligible service or expense to receive credit and/or reimburse... Learn more

What are the deadlines for setting up commuter benefits?

Commuter benefits start dates depend on when enrollment is completed. Recommended Email Response Copy and paste the below text as part of the Answer section of the email... Learn more

Eligible Commuter Benefits Expenses

Commuter Benefits funds can either be contributed towards Parking or Transit. Transit funds can only be used for mass transit. This includes subways, buses, ferries, or any type... Learn more

How do I view Commuter Benefits balances in Zenefits?

Zenefits makes it easy for admins to manage enrollments and balances. From the Zenefits Commuter Benefits dashboard app, the Enrollment & Balances tab will display all eligible ... Learn more

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