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COBRA Complete Implementation & Process for Existing COBRA Participants

Once you select COBRA Complete to administer COBRA through your Zenefits account, the COBRA Complete implementation team will reach out to you within 3 business days to begin the COBRA takeover process. It could take between 30-45 days to get your account up and running - until your account is active, continue to administer COBRA for any existing or new qualified beneficiaries. You will need to provide additional details to the COBRA Complete team to finish the transition.

For any existing COBRA enrollees, COBRA Complete will take over those who are up-to-date on payments. If any consumer (participant) is in a pending state where they have been offered COBRA, but have not enrolled or paid through yet, they will need to be administered outside of COBRA Complete. After they are up-to-date on payments, they can be loaded into the COBRA Complete system.

Once your account is set up, eligible consumers (participants) will receive a mailed notice from COBRA Complete, instructing them to register their online account. They will need to set up their payment method and make any desired changes within the COBRA Complete platform.

Note: If the $1 PEPM fee for COBRA is applicable for your company, then the billing will start from the day you choose the COBRA TPA and you will be charged during the implementation phase.

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