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COBRA Complete Open Enrollment

Once the Open Enrollment plans are loaded into Zenefits, the information will be sent to COBRA Complete.  COBRA Complete then loads the group's renewal into their systems, and once loaded, COBRA Complete will mail Open Enrollment packets to all qualified beneficiaries, on the next business day. Open Enrollment packets will be mailed to all qualified beneficiaries and COBRA Complete will process benefit selections with the insurance carriers. Changes to rates will be reflected as well. Employees who get terminated just before or during the Open Enrollment window will also get a chance to go through Open Enrollment with COBRA.

The open enrollment window for COBRA enrollees will be determined by the following, whichever is longer.

  1. The length of the group's enrollment window for active employees.
  2. 14 days

Example: if a group has a 7 day renewal period for active employees, COBRA Complete will offer a 14 day enrollment window for COBRA enrollees. If the group offers a 21 day enrollment period for active employees, COBRA enrollees will also have 21 days to complete renewal. COBRA enrollees will never have less than 14 days to complete their renewal elections.

For any instances in which renewal information has not been communicated to COBRA participants, please reach out to your broker.

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