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COBRA Complete Remittance Timeline

Employer Remittance Timeline

COBRA enrollees often will remain on the carrier's invoice, which the employer will cover up front and be reimbursed after the COBRA participants have made their payments to the COBRA administrator.

The timline for COBRA Complete looks like the following:

  • COBRA participants have 30 days to make their payments from the first of the month for that coverage period
  • Once premiums have been collected from the participants, he funds are remitted to the employer through ACH  on the 10th of the following month
  • For example: The insurance carrier issues the invoice for the month of September and this is paid by the employer. Premiums are collected September 1 through September 30 by the COBRA TPA. COBRA Complete remits the premiums to the employer on October 10

COBRA Participant Payment Timeline

COBRA participants have 30 days to make payments from the first of the month, although payments should be sent in as soon as possible in case there is an issue with the payment. If payment is not received within this time period, this can result in the coverage being terminated with the carrier.

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