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Am I covered under my insurance until I enroll in COBRA?

In most cases, when an employee is terminated or moved to part-time, their normal insurance continues until the last day of the month. However, if the company has a same-day termination setting, then insurance will end on the day of termination. If they choose to enroll in COBRA, and do so within the election period, their COBRA will start (retroactively) on the day after their normal insurance ends.

For example, assume an employee's coverage ends on 4 /30:

  • Their COBRA election window begins on 5/1. So long as they enroll in COBRA within the election period, they'll be covered by COBRA from 5/1 on.
  • Even if their COBRA is not approved until 5 /20 or some later date, they still have COBRA coverage from 5/1, and can submit claims for care expenses that occur between 5/1 and 5 /20.

In some cases, insurance carriers have slightly different rules about when coverage ends, but COBRA always starts on the day after coverage ends.

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