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Can I add a dependent to COBRA who has aged out of my group plan?

For most states, children age out of their parents' medical insurance plans when they turn 26.  However, the insurance carrier may allow them to stay enrolled on the plan if they are a full-time student or disabled.  There may also be specific state rules that allow dependents to stay enrolled longer, so make sure to check with your insurance carrier or your insurance broker.

For dental and vision insurance, there may be different rules that dictate when a dependent child is no longer eligible to remain on the plan.  For example, some dental providers only allow children to stay enrolled until age 19, so make sure to check the rules of your specific plan.

If your company offers COBRA through Zenefits' COBRA partner, COBRA Complete or Accrue, and if the dependent is eligible for COBRA, the dependent information will be sent to the partner. The COBRA election notice packet will be sent to the dependent's address as per Zenefits records. If your company is administering COBRA outside of Zenefits, please contact your company administrator.

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