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ARPA: AEI Status Update Process on COBRA Portal

Employer System Functionality 

There are multiple areas in the employer portal that they can designate/update a consumer’s AEI status.

Option 1: Update each member status manually and individually in each member’s profile.

  1. To do so the first step is to log into the employer portal, find the member they need to update and click on their profile.
  2. Look for the AEI 2021 Status category within the member’s profile and click “Edit”
  3. A dialog box will pop up with a drop-down list. Change the selection from Unknown to either Eligible or Ineligible.
  4. Click update

Option 2 (Recommended method): On April 23, a new AEI Status update utility and report will be available to use in the Employer portal.

  1. First, find the report. It will show up in the standard reports section in the report selection drop down. The report will be named QB AEI 2021 Report.
  2. To pull it, click on Imports & Reports, navigate, and click on Standard Reports and then choose QB AEI 2021 Report from the drop-down list next to Choose Report type.
  3. The Report is used to grab all the QBs that can be potentially included into ARPA 2021 utility. The report is used to identify if QB eligible, ineligible or still in unknown state. The utility will be used to upload updated AEI Status for the COBRA participants who are in their COBRA eligibility period. The COBRA eligibility period being defined as the Last Day of Coverage (LDoC) between 11/01/2019 - 4 /01/2021.
    • Note: This report cannot be run at a divisional level, can only be run at the full employer level
    • Recommendation is that it be run on a recurring basis when you add new COBRA population to account and continuously update AEI status. Updates need to be completed same day as new QB import.
    • The report is run in .csv format, as it has an import capability with the new utility for AEI Status updating
  4. The fields that show up on the report are as follows: 
    • Last Name, First Name, MID, AEI 2021 Status (defaulted to unknown), SSN, QE Date, FDOC, LDOC, Event Type, Client Name, QB Status, Medical Plan Status, Dental Plan Status, Vision Plan Status, EAP Plan Status
  5. Once you have run the report, please update the AEI status for all individuals on that report. Save the file and then you are ready to update the AEI status in the system using the AEI Utility.
    • You can run this report, update the one field, and then upload that report through the utility below.
  6. The new utility will also show up in the Imports & Reports Section titled as AEI 2021 Status Update. 
    • When you are ready to use the utility, find the AEI Status report that you updated and saved. Note: the file must remain in .csv for the import to work.
    • On the AEI 2021 Status Update Utility menu, in the “Select File” section click select to choose a file from your system
    • In the 'Status Update' section you can change Email Address to notification when Utility will complete. In the Email Address field, you can enter several emails which separated by comma. Employer’s email address is a Default value for Email Address field.
    • Once you click on the Run status update button the system places file to update into the Job Queue and Employer redirected to the Job Queue page.
  7. An error report will generate if you have any file issues, otherwise the status will be updated for your consumer population in preparation for the May 13th release which will trigger all notifications to be sent out. 
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