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How can I transfer my existing HSA to Zenefits

For Administrators and Employees

Employees who want to roll over an existing HSA balance to Zenefits Flex Benefits can do so by following these steps. Though HSA rollover to Zenefits is not mandatory, employees can only contribute to their HSA through Zenefits by rolling it over.

Rollover Process
  1. Both employers and employees should enroll in Zenefits:
    • If company does not have an existing HSA plan in Zenefits, employers should set up an HSA through the Zenefits dashboard. See the deadlines for employer enrollment here.
    • Employees then enroll in their own HSA account through Zenefits and enter in the contribution amount. Each employee must complete enrollment before funds can transfer into their new account. See the deadlines for employee enrollment here.
  2. Complete the WealthCare Saver Form.
  3. Once the forms are processed, the bank will reach out to the employee's current HSA provider and inform them that the employee would like to close the HSA account. The previous HSA administrator will then pass a check directly to the new HSA provider with the funds to deposit. Employees can check the status of their HSA account online.

  4. Employers should inform employees that beginning on the company's HSA effective date in Zenefits, all contributions to the previous HSA provider will stop.

Make sure to let your employees know that beginning on the company's HSA effective date in Zenefits, all contributions through their previous HSA provider will stop.

Transfers generally take between 4-6 weeks, but can vary, depending on the banks involved. Keep the following in mind:

  • Once the transfer form is submitted, Zenefits cannot determine the status of the transfer beyond. Zenefits will only be able to check whether the funds have been deposited in the Zenefits Flex Benefits portal.
  • Funds cannot be used until after the HSA start date.

To inquire about the status of a HSA transfer, please call 1-855-472-9399.


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